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Boats whose owners have contacted us:

Sara Drue.  Gabriel Pickard. Previous owner for 20+ years Gary Watson. Launched as "A Taste of Honey" now based in San Francisco and in great condition.  From the photos she has a mint original interior.

Foxy Lady II.  K3636 Neil and Joy Adams, Tauranga. Neil and Joy previously owned Ruben Jane. They plan to take Foxy lady II offshore as far out as Tahiti.
Has a fixed dodger.  Went to Fiji in 2005.  
Previously owned by Jan and Tony Braddock based at Mana and before that Merv Taylor and John Mitchell of Tauranga.

Bullfinch - K2895  Clare Robinson. Currently berthed at Seaview Marina.  Previous owner prior to March 2016  Hayden Braddock.

Intrepid - Graeme Darby,  Wainui.  Purchased Dec 1980 from Christchurch.   Slightly different layout inside.  Went to Fiji in 1995.  Had copper plated bottom, now removed.  Moored in Gulf Harbour.  Original owner was Wallis McNair who purchased a hull and decks from Cavalier Yachts in 1976 , finished her off with different windows, and launched her as "Knickers".  Wallis sold her in 1979.

Windarra - William Horne  K3393, beautifully restored and currently in Tauranga where she will enjoy some social racing and lots of coastal cruising. 

Unicorn - Purchased Feb 2008 in Florida by Dennis Kleinman. Was sailed to the US East Coast 20 years ago. Currently at Marathon Florida. History prior to 2008 to come...

Whitecap - Robert and Ines Blaj, Auckland. Purchased from Sandy Jones, Kerikeri, February 2010. Sandy purchased her after 20+ years in storage as a hull and decks with some gear.  Buhk 20 diesel started first wind. Could not locate original keel mould so used a similar one.  Has lesser draft and shorter mast to compensate. Beautiful Kauri interior. 

Hot Canary - K2554, Westhaven, Auckland
2008 Sold to Neil Conza.  Neil is just completing a complete refurbishment.  A sparkling "As New" Hot Canary will be launched soon.  Modifications include relocating the Main Traveler to the cabintop, replacing the companionway with locker steps, and adding a generous rubbing strip to the topsides. See photo below...

Dandelion K2455  Roger and Ines Piggott. Broadmeadow, NSW Australia.  Purchased from Murray Owen and Jenny Kings in 2007, Dandelion is currently in Australia being prepared for offshore cruising.

Streaker Glen Ey, Brisbane, Australia.  Streaker has been converted into a powerful cruising boat and is in immaculate condition.
Streaker was the original boat used to make the mould and had a 'Hobart" win in 1978.

Scorcher - Colin Barlow, currently on the hard at Thames. previous owner Grant Fowlie, Te Puke.  Had been stored on a kiwifruit farm for the last ten years.  Featured on Mike Menzies website.  Repainted white.

Stoly -  Tim Massaria, Maryland, USA.   Previously HI JACQUE, sailed in the Sydney-Hobart race in 1978. 

Camellia K2983 John Ball. See separate page.

Boats that we have heard of:

Mohaka - K2887, currently at W pier Westhaven. Currently getting some love.

Chase - K2565, previously Warchild, Peter Smith's own boat.  Location unknown. Sold by H W Roland 16 years ago and last of sailing to Noumea on a circumnavigation.

Ruben Jane
  -  sailed around the Pacific in 1998 by Neil Adams and family from Tauranga. A limited edition book on the trip titled "Summer, Autumn, Summer, Spring" was published by Neil in 2002. The book was reviewed by Boating New Zealand in May 2002. The text is reproduced under  News and Reviews with the kind permission of Neil.
Ruben Jane is currently moored in Littleton where she famously survived three days on the rocks with no significant damage.

Zabadak - K3235, owned by Sandy Powell since 1996 and currently at Orakei in Auckland. 
Pierce Barrett believes Zabadak was the last Cav36 built and was production number 20.
The following was received from John Spedding, currently living in Turkey, in November 2012: About 1983 I was in the market for a boat again. I looked at a Yacht called Kaz (or could have been Caz). It was a rough Cav 36 and was on the market for $60,000 I think. Anyway I brought her and had a new paint job done by Jim Razzy at Alloy Yachts at the time. He did the hull and decks and the finished product was amazing. White hull and blue stripes. We fitted a freezer and re named her ZABADAK.  we had a lot of fun with her, but never went off shore.I have very fond memories of Zabadak.

Free Bird -  Home port of Picton on stern, currently at Waiheke Island.  Recently repainted white with yellow cabinsides and pinstripe.

Sagitarius - reported to be in Brisbane

- reported to be racing in Nelson.  Joe Scragg as the owner

The following information is from the YachtingNZ site:

Sail no              Name               Owner

K2983             Camellia           John Ball, WaihekeIsland

K2895             Bullfinch

K2565             Chase               Howard Roland

K2455             Dandelion

K3636             Foxy Lady II

K2554             Hot Canary

K4028             Intrepid

K2887             Mohaka

K3678             Nazir

K3946             Thundercloud

K8734             White Cap        Sandy Jones, Northland

K3393             Windarra

K3235             Zabadak

K2757             Ruben Jane

Dandelion under sail

Hot Canary's new rubbing strip

Windarra looking resplendid!

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